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We are a full-service development studio that covers a wide range of interactive applications, including VR training, game development and architectural visualization.
We offer top-notch software development services, from the initial concept and consultancy up to the final delivery, backed by years of industry experience.

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Some of our projects

Transavia safety training

For this project we created a digital double of a Boeing 737, down to the smallest detail and interaction level. 
The client wanted a fully interactive airplane, in order to simulate various in-flight incidents, to improve the response time and awareness of their flight attendants.


KLM safety training

Together with our partners from Infinity Labs, we were selected from over 10 studios to develop a Virtual Reality training course for 9.000 cabin attendants for KLM airlines. Below we show use-cases for eye-tracking and tracking heart-rate to ensure that cabin attendants can stay calm in all situations. Health & Safety are top priority for KLM Airlines.


Tanker truck operations


Training people in complex operations on the field can be a logistical and financial challenge, but is especially important in potentially hazardous procedures.

With the help of Virtual Reality, we were tasked to simulate such complex procedures, together with our partners at Infinity Labs. 
Some procedures in the simulation included more than 250 steps , so in order to help build muscle memory, it required a high level of physicality and accuracy, in order to give trainees a feel for the task: unloading Hydrogen and other gasses at a client's tank.


Plant digital doubles (multiple projects)

Virtual reality is a natural companion to established e-learning practices by virtue of its immersiveness.

This is especially the case in industries that require familiarization with physical spaces and potentially dangerous situations that would be expensive or even impossible to simulate in real life.


Virtual office

Clear communication is vital to any design and construction project.
VR helps bridge the gap between all parties involved in a specific construction project, by helping everyone get a sense of what the end goal will look like.


Eric project

The Eric project explored the benefits of using virtual reality in the studyA collaborative experience created for P.T.S.D sufferers Dutch soldiers to experience both
calmness and anxiety inducing scenarios. This was aimed at P.T.S.D. sufferers 
in the Eric project. This project included the use of eye-tracking, and tracking
breathing to understand more about the impact of VR on patients.


World of hydrogen

With the help of on-site VR stations, we have provided visitors of the Shell Eco-marathon event, an interactive experience on the production and benefits of hydrogen.
This project was meant to raise awareness of renewable energy sources and Linde's expertise as the worlds foremost hydrogen refining technology provider


The wall of answered prayer

A virtual reality visualization created to help raise awareness of the Wall of Answered Prayer fundraiser project.
This project represents a piece of sculptural architecture, and includes a visitor centre built on the outskrits of Birmingham.
Built from a million bricks, each one is meant to represent an answered prayer, that visitors can read and be inspired by

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