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Edgeflow is a full-service development Studio that covers a wide range of interactive applications, such as VR Training , Game Development and Architectural Visualization.

We offer top-notch software development services, from the initial concept up to the final delivery, backed by years of industry experience.

What we've been up to lately

Ember Sword character teaser video is live!

July 23, 2019

We are proud to announce that our partners at So Couch have revealed the Ember Sword character teaser cinematic  video we developed the visuals on.

Some of our projects

Al Jubail Plant digital double

Whether it's for site familiarization of Gas and Oil plants being built on the other side of the world, finding and identifying key equipment, or practicing safety procedures and evacuation routes, VR digital doubles are an immersive and versatile way to get to experience and environment

World of Hydrogen

This project was developed for our client's stand at the 2018 Shell Eco Marathon , for which they wanted a VR experience that showcased the advantages of using Hydrogen as an energy source as well as an educational, hands-on Hydrogen-themed interactive part.

We helped our partner, Infinity Labs, simulate complex, and potentially dangerous gas loading and unloading procedures for a variety of gas transport tanker trucks.

These procedures are costly and risky for the end-client to physically train their employees in, hence the need for a realistic and accurate VR simulation of these procedures

Some of our end-customers

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